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Post Info TOPIC: SELF HEALING: The Inner Child, The Inner Self

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SELF HEALING: The Inner Child, The Inner Self
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Self Healing: Inner Child, Inner Self meditation

I have called this 'Self Healing: Inner child, Inner Self meditation', because I feel the simple process I am about to share, can be applied to both inner child work and inner self work, and is a wonderful healing technique on so many levels.

These are not just for those who have experienced trauma or dysfunctional childhoods, or who are suffering with illness, they really work as a healing process for anyone experiencing any level of 'dis-ease,' or who are wanting to work through inner layers and release the past.

These can be childhood issues still effecting you in adulthood, physical illness, emotional pain or depression, fear, or anything which you feel is keeping you from being your wholeness.

By 'any level' I also mean anything which is deeply held or long term, or just something slight you are feeling on that day. The process works for both.smile.gif

This process is very much based upon the philosophy of 'the only way out is through.'
A healing which takes place from where you are truly at, an inner journey into your own unique internal landscape. The process will enable you by fully going into it rather than resisting it, and empower you to realise your truth is all you need on the route to healing.

Going within to the centre of the 'message' that a behaviour, feeling or symptom is trying to communicate, by listening to the inner voice, is sometimes all that is needed to get things moving, to help release the message that is the key to unlocking the door.

The process is based on listening, total unconditional acceptance and love. There is nothing more needed to be added, simply the power of those qualities being shown to your inner voices, can create major positive shifts and healing on the path to wholeness.

Before I begin, just a little note about fear.
The thought of doing this process can, for some, bring about a state of fear.
Fear of delving into past hurts and wounds, fear of experiencing even more pain or fear of what might come up.

The thing is, many people have coped their whole lives in some level of unconscious denial, by doing the exact opposite of this process.

Indeed it is an effective coping mechanism, atleast for the short term, because it appears to protect us from even further pain. When in reality, resistance to our whole truth actually prolongs and buries deeper that pain.

The little signs and symptoms we experience are actually.gifts, the keys for us to explore and unlock the door to our healing.

So please do begin by bringing your unconditional acceptance and love to that part of you that may be fearing and has led to a level of denial.

No need to go into blame or approval about how well you have done in the past, or do now, in dealing or not dealing with things.

You are now just making the choice, to either do the process or not and maybe begin by practicing your loving acceptance with whatever choice you make. It is this loving acceptance that you will developing on this healing journey.

Like all fear, any fear around doing this process itself is often worse than the thing you are fearing.

Fear is not based in the here and now, but expectations of the future, or patterns of the past, this process is very much about the being of the now.

If I may share, every time I have done this process, I've been surprised just how easy, powerful and transformative, in only positive ways, it has been.

Just the slightest connection with my inner self or child, has been amazingly healing.

The inner child, and the authentic inner self, are radiant jewels and gifts of our true nature, which in my experience is always there behind the layers that have grown over the top, just waiting to shine forth..and it comes so easily, with the conditions of love and acceptance, even if momentarily, however deeply buried.

Some may call it the true self, some may call it the soul, but in my experience, there is always a loving pull, a natural gravitation towards our healing, which when accessed, so readily emerges.

Before or during this process, you might become aware of a critical voice, 'you are so rubbish, you never want to deal with things and face things no wonder you're so messed up'. a caring adult voice 'you are beautiful as you are and always. You are safe and i'm always here whatever you choose' and the childs voice.'you never listen to me!'. or you may be aware of some voices more dominant than others.

Gaining this awareness of those different aspects and voices is a good first stage to either the inner child or inner self meditation.

It helps in noticing the self sabotaging critical voice and in developing the voice of our own inner nurturing parent / adult.

Part of the aim of the process is to not only hear the inner voices expressing 'symptoms', but to develop the part of ourselves that is the nurturing parent aspect of our adult selves.

This is the part of yourself that will be giving the loving acceptance to your inner child or inner self.

Remembering this part is always within us, is helpful in everyday life. If ever you experience a wobbly moment, and you have noone to share it with, being your own listener and nurturer is an important part of wholeness.

This process will help you become more aware of both the reactions of the inner child parts of you and the adult nurturer within you, in your daily life, towards yourself and others.

Ironically by noticing these different aspects of the self, a greater wholeness, and there emerges a more unified true self.

A small but important note, please do whatever you need to do to feel safe with this process.

For some that might mean making sure you are in an undisturbed totally safe place.

Maybe you might want to think about what would make you most comfortable, a warm blanket to cover you, a peaceful environment.

For others it might mean being sure you have someone to talk to afterwards or at anytime.
You may even do this as part of working with a therapist.

The Inner Child meditation

Do give yourself the time to experience this meditation where you won't be disturbed.

I have found it important to be open without a preconceived idea about how deep or light you may go, or how long you take over each session, being guided by whatever unfolds.smile.gif

Beginning by making yourself really comfortable, maybe with cushions and a soft blanket.

You can sit with spine straight or lay on your back, any position where you can deeply relax your body and mind.

Close your eyes and begin to come in to yourself. Letting everything settle in your mind and body.

Gently scanning through your body, softening any tension and relaxing into the surface you have chosen.

Take your time.smile.gif

You may wish to call upon your guides or guardian angels to help you with this process at this point.

The inner child does not live in your head or mind, more in your heart, your
solar plexus or other emotional energy centres.

Visualizing yourself now going into your heart centre, or any other energy centre you feel your inner child resides, by moving your conscious awareness, your attention, inside.

You could just get a feeling about that, or your could imagine yourself shrinking down in size, and going inside your heart centre.

Using your imagination, see yourself walking down a long beautiful country pathway, which you know leads to a safe and secluded place where your inner child dwells.

Feeling the qualities of openness and love inside you, know that you will receive unconditionally all your inner child wishes to share with you, as a precious gift.

When you reach this place, just noticing how it feels and appears to you, are there any trees or plants? What kind of a feeling does the space have?

When you first see your inner child, notice what she or he looks like. How old are they? What are they doing? What are they wearing? What is their expression?smile.gif

You may see your inner child straight away, or perhaps they will remain hidden from your view. This will be different for everybody, the idea is to have no preconceived ideas.

Allow your imagination to be led by the process. Allow the images to spontaneously form just so, as they will, accepting everything you see, or sense, or hear, or feel, without judgement.

Your inner child may or may not allow you near them at first.

Perhaps they will ignore you, perhaps they will talk with you. It is their space after all and you may not have an invitation!

Allow them to be whatever they are being.
Your purpose here is to show unconditional love and acceptance to your inner child, to allow them to express all they need to in that moment.

If this is your first approach, it may be a case of sitting gently extending love to your child or inner self.

You may ask them if there is anything they would like to say to you.
Or if there is anything they'd like to ask?

If you are answering any questions, remember to be compassionate and nonjudgemental in your answers.
This is the nurturing parent, not the critical adult!smile.gif

Allow whatever unfolds to fully play out, until you instinctively know it is time for you to leave for today.

Please do allow this to be led by the situation or the child, not by your will.

When the time comes, thank your inner child for allowing you into their garden, and for all they've shared, and tell them you will return soon and reassure them of your good and loving intentions.

If your inner child has been ignored for a life time, they may have trouble believing this, so it is vital to follow through.Your child may feel further neglected or abandoned if you do not.

Walking back along the pathway now, begin to slowly leave your heart centre, your awareness returning to your whole body and your breathing.

Feeling the surface beneath you, and becoming aware of the space you are in. Then gently opening your eyes.

You may wish to journal whatever you experienced during the meditation, or spend a quiet few moments afterwards.

If you would like to read my own experience of inner child work, please see the topic
Inner Child Work
on the forum.

Inner Self and Self healing meditation

The above process can also be applied to connecting deeply with your inner self.

Follow the meditation exactly as above, but visualizing visiting your inner self instead of your inner child.

You may be surprised at how similar they are!

The same process can be applied to any feeling or symptom of dis-ease or distress you experience at any time.smile.gif

When you find yourself having those feelings or symptoms, going into the meditation and doing the process in the same way. Just by listening to the 'voice' within the feeling, is a powerful self healing.

Our symptoms are often the surfacing of our inner self trying to communicate with us.

To begin, always becoming fully relaxed. This is especially important with physical symptoms or pain, because then you are able to access the body mind more easily.
A full body progressive relaxation technique would be ideal.smile.gif

Once relaxed, start allowing the source point of this feeling or symptom to make itself known to you.

If it is a physical symptom or pain for example, scan your body to find where it seems to originate.

You might find it moving around as you go deeper into the process.

If it is more of an emotional sensation, scan your body or energy centres and see where you experience a feeling where this emotion is expressing itself the most fully.

You may become aware of a feeling in your heart or solar plexus or any other emotional centre. You may feel something within a part of your body.

Moving your gentle awareness into that place, by using your imagination and moving your attention there, and going deeply into the inside, visit this feeling or symptom in the same way as in the inner child meditation, by either shrinking down in size and imagine going inside, or just by being inside your attention and moving your consciousness there.
And doing this with the attitude of total unconditional acceptance and love.

Once there, just noticing anything you may see about the area, if it is a physical symptom you may receive a visual image or an inner knowing about it, or it may 'speak' to you.

The emotion or symptom may express itself in other ways, for example in temperature, it might feel hot or cold; or as a colour.

Just being completely open to all you receive. You may ask if there is anything it wishes to express to you right now.

If this is a long held symptom, it may not speak to you at first, you have to gain it's trust in the same way as the inner child. smile.gif

Just receiving any images or insights you are given, with love.

Allow the process to play itself out, until you feel your inner self has nothing more to communicate with you right now. then give thanks and reassure your inner self you will return.

It is important to follow through with your promise, for the inner self will remember.

You may wish to journal all that was expressed to you during this meditation.

This can be especially helpful if you received images you didn't fully understand at the time, but can make sense of later.smile.gif

This process works if it is a physical symptom or an emotional one, they are all expressions of your inner self.

Sometimes making this contact with our inner self is enough to give the signal that you have heard the message it is trying to express to you.

By giving unconditional acceptance and love, it may instantaneously transform, and the symptom can now be released.

Spontaneous healing is a real and documented phenomenon, and can, and does, occur with this kind of contact with the voice within our symptoms.smile.gif

Once you become more practised with this process, it becomes easier to do it quickly and bring it into your everyday life.

You will find you do not need to become deeply relaxed and do this as a separate activity and your awareness and your connection with the inner part of yourself will grow, and integrate.

This is the path to wholeness, where you can be the unified expression of your true authentic self.

If ever you become aware of any distress or emotion, symptom or behaviour, you can just make a connection with the voice of whatever is making itself known to you at that point, and you do this by taking your attention inwards towards it.
even the briefest, lightest touch of your loving acknowledgement to this voice can release it.

Our coping mechanisms may put us on automatic pilot and resistance mode. Whatever feels uncomfortable we naturally don't want to feel, so our instinct is to bury it or push it away.

This can prolong or deepen it, what we resist persists, whereas just lovingly opening to it and allowing it, to 'speak' to us or just give it space by opening up inside, gives a chance for it to flow, move through, release. It really is alot easier than resisting!smile.gif

This technique can also be very helpful for depression, however deep or overwhelming it feels.

Rather than resisting that all consuming isolating darkness that just does not shift, by going within to the core of it, the essence of it, really allowing the feeling to be the fullest expression of itself, by going within to the eye of it, whilst holding, listening and accepting with love, it really can shift!

A final note, if when you are reading the above meditations, you find yourself intellectually judging this process, ask yourself which voice is making that judgement.

Is it telling you it won't work, or it won't work for you? Is it the nurturing voice or the critical one?

All I can say (with love and a smile) is try it. You might be surprised.smile.gif

With love and gentleness


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